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31 years ago today, Jack Morris' uniform number foretold his no-hitter against the White Sox

You probably know that Jack Morris no-hit the White Sox in 1984, but did you know that his no-no was preordained? At least uniform numerology (a pseudo-scientific discipline we just made up) says that it was. Morris, No. 47, threw his no-hitter on April 7, otherwise written as 4/7. That's destiny, right?

The rest of '84 was pretty good for Morris as well. After 19 regular-season wins, he pitched two complete games in the World Series, finishing the postseason with a 1.80 ERA and helping the Tigers win their first title since 1968.

Morris is still the only pitcher to have worn the date of his no-no on his uniform, and it's going to be a difficult accomplishment to match.

Wait, do we know who's starting for the A's on May 4?