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Spotted: J.D. Martinez taking notes in the dugout

In the bottom of the fifth inning during Tuesday night's contest against the White Sox, Tigers outfielder J.D. Martinez was spotted in the dugout furiously scribbling in his notebook. In today's age of iPads, computers, and sentient robots kept in top secret government facilities, it's rare to see someone break out the pen and paper. 

But just what was Martinez writing down? The possibilities are nearly endless:

- Goonies-esque treasure map.

A MASH note, detailing that he was, in fact, supposed to live in a mansion in Bermuda.

- The great American novel. 

- A letter to the editor regarding recent changes to neightborhood trash collection.

- A list of pop culture items, a la Captain America.

- Wednesday morning's to-do list.

Sadly, it's most likely that Martinez was detailing the pitches Zach Putnam threw him earlier in the inning. But if it was a treasure map, I just want J.D. to know that I own a shovel and I'm prepared for adventure.