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Listen to Jimmy Kimmel discuss his lifelong love of the Mets and his 'golden ticket'

Showing off his Mets cred by wearing the black and blue Mets cap that the team wore from 2001-2011, talk show host and Mets fan extraordinaire Jimmy Kimmel discussed the deep roots of his Mets fandom at a recent NLCS game.

While fawning over the current team, Kimmel admitted he didn't expect the team to come this far, saying this season has "turned out to be unbelievable." Kimmel also discussed how he fell in love with the Mets while listening to the team on the radio as a child. In fact, the comedian said that following the Mets "made me the man that I am today." 

Kimmel's best memory may be when he got his "golden ticket": a Mets team card from the nearby "Milk and Stuff" convenience store. The comedian then told a story of how his childhood friend, whose parents owned the store, opened every single remaining pack and still didn't find the card. 

Watch the video above for the rest of the story and more on Kimmel's lifelong love affair with Queens' finest.