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Did Jon Hamm reveal the ending of Mad Men during Sunday's Cardinals-Pirates game?

Did Jon Hamm reveal the ending of Mad Men?

With St. Louis taking on the Pirates over the weekend, Million Dollar Arm star and Cardinals superfan Jon Hamm stopped by Express Written Consent to chat about baseball, the film and the final season of Mad Men. But listen closely -- did Hamm spoil the final plot turn for Don Draper toward the end of his EWC segment? 

When prompted with "How does it end for Don Draper?" during the show's Three Up, Three Down segment, the actor hesitated around a "Lights out," comment card before choosing "Clutch" (Does Don ride to Jim Cutler and Lou Avery's rescue and deliver that Phillip Morris account?) and "MVP" (Do the Clios award MVP trophies?) He also selects the less family friendly "Pound the zone" and "Good wood" cards, but that's hardly news to anyone who stuck around for Don's post-party rendezvous with Megan and Amy on Sunday.

What do you think -- has Matthew Weiner's ultimate plan been revealed? Check the full interview below, and let's all remain grateful that the Three Up, Three Down board doesn't include a "Severed nipple" card.