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Jon Jay feels ecstasy of a GIF-able catch, learns agony of having glasses knocked off his face

Randal Grichuk, Nori Aoki, Lorenzo Cain an absurd number of times -- in a postseason of ridiculously GIF-able catches, Jon Jay adds his own to the list.

During the bottom of the first inning in San Francisco, Giants second baseman Joe Panik flied out to the space in between center and right field, making Jay scramble a bit. While Jay tumbles as he makes the catch -- one worthy of gif -- he does indeed come up with it. But at what cost?


Notice how Jay's glasses are flung from his face as he hits the ground? Oh, the horror.

Look, Jon, I know that pain. Granted, mine are prescription, but I too wear glasses, and I too know the humiliation of having them knocked off of my face and jettisoned from my person. I have felt my face grow hot, my muscles tense, and my armpits moist as I reached down to pick my glasses up off the ground. I too have glanced around furtively for any witnesses to my embarrassment, feared their mocking cries of "Nerd!" from afar. I too have returned them sheepishly to their proper place, pushing them snug against the bridge of my nose. I too have cursed myself for not wearing one of those straps that goes around the back of your head and always seemed so silly and grandmotherish, and in the moment I too have realized their infinite usefulness. I too have prayed that it won't happen again while knowing for certain that it will. Jon Jay, I know that pain.

But maybe it's different for professional baseball players who make body-sacrificing catches, who knows.