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Watch Jose Bautista throw out Billy Butler ... from right field

Bautista throws out Billy Butler from right field

Right field: it's long been known as a safe haven for hitters to discard their used baseballs. If a batter can squeeze the ball through the infield or drop it in front of the right fielder, they have had a reasonable expectation of safety. 

Not on Jose Bautista's watch.

He's tired of watching his area of the field become overrun with ground ball singles and bloop hits. Like the gunslinger Shane, he has no choice but to clean up this stretch o' land one batter at a time. 

On Thursday night, Billy Butler lined a shot that Bautista grabbed on one hop. He could have taken it easy, like the right fielders that came before, not wanting to risk it all on a throw to first. But ol' Joey Bats simply gritted his teeth and unleashed a rocket to first base, nailing Butler by a step. 

Bautista throws

So a word of warning to any batter that thinks they can take it easy in the Rogers Centre: think again.

Because Bautista's on duty. 

Bautista sheriff

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