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Watch a teenage Kyle Schwarber sing a cappella with his high school choir

Watch high school Kyle Schwarber sing in a show choir

We've all seen Kyle Schwarber crush home runs -- most notably, the NLDS Game 4 moonshot that has since been encased in plexiglass.

Something we haven't all seen is a teenage Schwarber singing a cappella songs with some spirited choreography, while wearing a four-button white suit. But there's no way we could possibly hope to see such a charming and wonderful vid-

Alright, we stand corrected.

The burly gentleman on the video's right just so happens to be the Cubs' slugging outfielder/catcher performing synchronized hand movements alongside his high school's show choir, Purple Pizzazz, in 2010. I bet that's a sentence you weren't expecting to read today.

In 2011, Ohio's Journal News published an article chronicling the rebuilding process of the Purple Pizzazz, which was losing a talented class of seniors to graduation -- including Schwarber:

"I was the guy who was struggling to pick up the dance steps - I couldn't really sing," Schwarber said of his initial experiences with the group.

An acclaimed varsity athlete on the Middies' football and baseball teams, he eventually found his stride.

"I wouldn't take it back," he said. "It's probably one of the better experiences of being in high school."

There's a fun artifact in that old article too: At that point, he was merely "acclaimed," as opposed to now, when he's "becoming a legend." Who knows -- maybe he'll sing the national anthem before Game 3 at Wrigley Field and go on to hit a walk-off grand slam?'s Adam McCalvy caught up with the slugger about his glory days:

"I don't know what's going on," Schwarber said, smiling and lowering his head. "I don't know how that got out. I have to answer some questions about that, I guess. I did it, and I'll 'wear' it. I didn't mind it. It's funny, a lot of football players actually did it. It was just a little extra-curricular that was fun to do, instead of taking another credit hour of foreign language or something like that."

And as to how he did in the class?

"Yeah, I got an A," Schwarber said, incredulous. "Did you see the video?"

To play us out, here's one more of those videos (Schwarber's on the right again):

(h/t Deadspin)

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