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Listen to this L.A. congressman sing an utterly defeated rendition of 'Meet the Mets'

A little more than a week ago, we told you about congressmen Adam Schiff and Steve Israel, representatives from Los Angeles and New York, respectively. They made a friendly, food-based bet on the outcome of the Mets-Dodgers and NLDS, and on Friday afternoon, it was time to pay up.

Schiff, a Dodgers fan, had been looking forward to a bagel with lox if his team came through. Israel, who was cheering for the Mets, was expecting some fancy L.A. popcorn … and a moment of abject humility. According to a joint press release, the loser also had to "wear the tie of the winner's team and deliver a one minute speech on the House floor extolling the virtues of the team moving on."

When New York finally defeated L.A., Schiff dug out his best Mets tie ... by which we mean he put some stickers on the one he happened to be wearing: 

And apparently, he decided that "one minute speech" meant "sing 'Meet the Mets' as if it were a dirge for the saddest funeral in the world."

But Schiff is pretty sure he followed the bet to the letter:

We're thinking Israel owes Daniel Murphy and the rest of the Mets a thank-you note, at the very least, for saving him from having to write some kind of Dodgers theme song. And he should think about sharing some of that popcorn, too.