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Leonys Martin scaled outfield walls and used his cannon to make sure Mark Teixeira wouldn't score

Martin robs Teixeira's HR, throws him out at home

Mark Teixeira probably woke up on Monday morning figuring today would be just another day at the ballpark. He went through his normal routine (grab some coffee, rub Joe West's belly for good luck, head out for some batting practice) at ease, completely unaware of the horrors to come. 

Things seemed to start so well. Tex lifted a fly ball to deep left-center in the first inning, thinking he had hit his 25th homer of the season and given the Yankees an early lead. But suddenly, in a flash, something appeared -- a bird? A plane? No, Rangers center fielder Leonys Martin:

Just a bit of bad luck, Tex probably thought. I'll get 'em next time. But, as he would soon learn, there would be no next time. For after singling in the top of the eighth, Teixeira thought he would easily score on Chase Headley's base hit. And then, to the first baseman's horror, he realized the truth: Martin had made it his mission to never, ever let his nemesis score:

Martin throw

Having come face-to-face with the defensive abyss, sucking in all run-scoring and hope in its path, there was nothing our tragic hero could do but rage, rage against the dying of the game. This gave us the rarest of rare sights, the mythical Angry Tex: 

Angry Tex

Ah, the cardinal rule of dugout histrionics: When in doubt, always blame the trash can.

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