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Madison Bumgarner stops by The Tonight Show, gives Jimmy Fallon some 'MadBum' underwear

MadBum stops by NBC's The Tonight Show

One of the World Series MVP's many offseason duties is to tour the late night TV circuit, which, for a humble guy like Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, probably seems like a lot of pomp and circumstance. Nevertheless, MadBum took to NBC's The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and seemed to have a great time:

When the two were done discussing their pick-up trucks and how long it takes to get from the Kauffman Stadium bullpen to the mound, Bumgarner showed off his generous side, bringing Fallon a special gift -- some MadBum underwear:


And, as underwear-receiving etiquette states, Fallon immediately put the MadBums on and did a kind of dance:


Of course, the real highlight was when Bumgarner insinuated that he and fellow Giants pitcher Jake Peavy might collaborate on a country music record. He seemed to be joking, but this really needs to happen. Peavy & MadBum is the perfect name for a country duo.


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