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Milwaukee Bucks draft pick Jabari Parker throws out Brewers' ceremonial first pitch

Jabari Parker throws out Brewers first pitch

On Thursday night, the Milwaukee Bucks selected Duke forward Jabari Parker second overall in the NBA Draft. Parker was one of college basketball's biggest stars in 2014, and he's a welcomed presence in the city of Milwaukee.

Look no further than his warm reception at Saturday's Rockies-Brewers game, where Parker had the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial first pitch:


As you can see, Parker's first pitch left something to be desired as he one-hopped it in front of home plate. However, that pitch is eerily similar to the one thrown by Spurs forward and reigning NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard back in 2013, and things turned out pretty well for him:


Also, check out what Parker had on his feet:


Those are a new pair of Air Jordans designed to echo Michael Jordan's baseball career with the Birmingham Barons:


Of course, he'll need to work on his pitching mechanics if he wants to be like Mike:


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