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'I love baseball!' Munenori Kawasaki accepts his 2013 Cut4 GIBBY Award

Muni accepts his Cut4 GIBBY award

The 2013 MLB season was full of amazing storylines, but one of the most fun was the ascension of Toronto infielder Munenori Kawasaki.

In May of last year, the Japanese shortstop finished a 9th inning Blue Jays comeback with a walk-off double, and gave one of the all-time great post-game interviews:

That interview, combined with his excellent dance moves and beautiful singing voice, made him a fan favorite and won him the 2013 GIBBY Award for Cut4 Topic of the Year. 

On Thursday, Kawasaki was presented with his award, and celebrated it in true Muni fashion:

"Thank you, very much! Thank you! Yeah, thank you fans. I appreciate it. I love New York. I love baseball."


Don't worry, Blue Jays fans -- the team was just in New York to take on the Yankees. Muni's still a proud Canuck:

"Let's go Blue Jays! Blue Jays, number 1!"

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