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Rays host touching Don Zimmer tribute, complete with special Brooklyn Dodgers uniforms

Rays host touching tribute to Don Zimmer

Baseball lost one of its best when Don Zimmer passed away this Wednesday at the age of 83. He was a true baseball lifer, playing, coaching and managing for over 60 years, passing along his knowledge, insight and humor to nearly 7 percent of all people to ever play Major League Baseball

On Saturday, with the Zimmer family in attendance, the Rays held a pre-game tribute with both Tampa Bay and Seattle players wearing Zimmer's No. 23 Brooklyn Dodgers uniform: 

Don Zimmer uniforms

At the beginning of the ceremony, everyone was asked to loosen their ties in a nod to Zimmer's famous hatred of formal neckwear. This included Joe Torre who said "Popeye" was hired as a coach, but became a "family member." 

Tommy Lasorda was also on hand to talk about his friendship with Zimmer, including his ill-fated decision to try and sneak a fastball past him:

There will never be another like him. Rest in peace, Zim. 

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