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Here are the Royals' actual country breakfast orders

Video credit: Ian Kay /

Let's say you were so inspired by Billy Butler's nickname that you decided to open a diner called "Country Breakfast."

Yes, we know restaurants are notoriously difficult businesses to get off the ground, but hear us out. It's a great idea because A) it's a themed restaurant based entirely on the Royals' roster's favorite breakfast orders, and B): 


Here's a sample menu based on what the Royals told us: 


The Billy "Country Breakfast" Butler: All the sausage and bacon you have.

The Scott "Diner Classic" Downs: Bacon, eggs, white toast and grape jelly.

The Josh "Great Idea" Willingham: A three-egg country omelette sandwiched between two fluffy pancakes.


The Tim "Doesn't Like Breakfast Food" Collins: Whatever, breakfast food doesn't like you either.