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The Nationals 'dine on danger,' will win World Series according to these emphatic superfans

Video: Brett Anker, Correspondent

The Nations don't play until Friday -- they'll face the winner of Wednesday's Wild Card match-up -- but these fans aren't holding back on making bold predictions.

The Washington faithful are an eclectic bunch, not afraid to express their team pride in rather interesting ways. But no matter what form their fandom takes, the fans at Nationals Park are positive: the Nationals are going all. the. way.

How do they know? Just ask these two:


The gnome knows: "We're gonna go all the way because we have depth. We have experience ... We got power, we got youth."


"The Hawk" divluges the Nats' secret: "They snack on danger, dine on death, and they realize that dead men don't make money."

Will a mix of experience, youth, and an appetite for danger be enough to carry the Nationals through October? The only way to know is to play the game.