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Brewers coach John Shelby beat Todd Frazier in a 'Survivor'-esque pregame standoff

Brewers coach defeats Todd Frazier in anthem standoff

Pop quiz: Which competition does the motto "Outwit, outplay, outlast" refer to? OK, fine, we'll accept "Survivor," but we know the popular reality show was really just thinking about national anthem standoffs when they wrote it.

See, to be truly successful in a standoff, you have to not only outlast (get it?) the guy in the other dugout, but you have to outhink him as well, as Todd Frazier and Brewers coach John Shelby proved in their standoff on Sunday. Frazier may have been willing to stand still all day, cap over his heart, but Shelby knew he couldn't, simply because of the place he'd chose to plant his feet.

This is where "outwit" comes into play -- Shelby was standing just in front of the dugout, where he could have conceivably hung out for the whole game. But Frazier was standing on the grass, so he couldn't really stay there without being told to move. He gave it a great shot, anyway:


You're probably wondering where "outplay" comes in here. Well, the Brewers defeated the Reds, 8-4, so we're pretty sure that counts. 

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