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Yasiel Puig tries to break baseball, ties post-1900 MLB record with three triples in a game

Yasiel Puig ties post-1900 MLB record with three triples

Since joining the Dodgers a season and a half ago, Yasiel Puig has played more like a character created to break a baseball video game than an actual human being. Hit hits massive home runs. He makes amazing catches and throwsHe brands baseballs with swings. He has tickle fights

Thanks to his power, speed and contact sliders being turned all the way up, Yasiel Puig tried his hardest to make Major League Baseball all glitchy on Friday night. Facing the rival Giants, Puig hit not one, not two, but three triples:

It's a feat that has only been done 48 times since 1900, and no one has topped that number since then. Only George Strief (in 1885 for the Athletics) and Bill Joyce (in 1897 for the Giants) have ever hit four. And on top of all that, Puig also hit a double in the game to record 11 total bases in the contest. 

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