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Epic Yasiel Puig celebration comes after a walk-off grand slam ... in a video game

Yasiel Puig celebrates video game grand slam

It's no secret that Yasiel Puig loves hitting home runs (or even fly balls that kind of look like home runs). And evidently he enjoys launching long balls in video games just as much.

Puig's Instagram is filled with videos of him playing virtual baseball, and one particular cut of him hitting a walk-off grand slam is delightful to behold:

I suppose it's entirely possible that "HALLELUJAH!!!" is what's going through his head when he knocks one out of the park in real life, in which case, he actually shows a fair amount of restraint by simply flipping his bat.

Also, of course Yasiel Puig plays video game baseball as himself. He is the best of us.

(h/t HardballTalk)

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