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Vin Scully once played ball against George H.W. Bush, and now won the award named after him

Vin Scully inducted into College Baseball HOF

Vin Scully already has a place in Cooperstown as the recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award in 1982, but on Sunday, he added another Hall of Fame to his list: The College Baseball Hall of Fame. 

But Scully wants to make it clear: He wasn't a Hall of Fame player in college.

"I'm joining, I'm sure, in another category -- not as a player," Scully said. "I would be totally embarrassed if anyone thought [that]."

At the event in Beverly Hills, the organization also honored Scully with the George H.W. Bush Distinguished Alumnus Award. 

It's somewhat amusing that Scully is getting an award named after former President Bush. After all, the two squared off in a college baseball game in 1947 -- though no one at the time realized there was anything to be excited about. With Scully playing in the outfield for Fordham and Bush at first base for Yale, Fordham defeated the Ivy Leaguers.

Many years later, after Scully had become a broadcasting legend and Bush had become president, the two went golfing. In an interview with the New York Times in 2010, Scully told President Bush

"'Mr. President, as long as you're in the White House, you can say anything you want about your baseball career. But remember, the day you step out of the White House, we both went 0-for-3 in that game.' And he just howled."

Later on, Bush paid him back by sending him an envelope that had a "sleeve of three golf balls, with the presidential seal and a signature on it with a card that said, 'Dear Vin, no reflection on your game, but I just thought you might like to have these extra balls.'" 

But Scully doesn't need to be a good golfer. After all, he's America's greatest storyteller. 

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