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Vin Scully teaches the American electorate the complications of giving your kids the same name

Vin Scully is amazed by Rougned Odor and Rougned Odor

Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor has a younger brother ... who is also named Rougned Odor.

On Wednesday, the older Odor and the Rangers visited the Chavez Ravine where legendary broadcaster Vin Scully educated the American electorate on the proper pronunciation of "Rougned" and opined about the complications of giving multiple children the same name.

When you look at the name for the first time, it's O-D-O-R, and the first name, which is R-O-U-G-N-E-D, is pronounced ROOG-ned. Just to complicate matters, Odor's brother is also named "Rougned." Can you imagine having two children and you name them exactly the same? Well, they're not exactly the same. The difference is the middle name. Wow.

Wow is right. Scully is a national treasure. Tune in this weekend when he tries to spell Saltalamacchia without looking, probably.

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