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Vin Scully momentarily lost his 1988 World Series ring while shopping, found it in a bag of ribs

Scully briefly loses WS ring, takes search to Twitter

At some point on Thursday, legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully was out getting some shopping done at Costco with his wife, Sandy. Scully apparently loves Costco and describes it as his "second home." Asked to choose between his profession and the mega-grocery store, the 87-year-old poetically responded:

"I told him, it's Costco, because the outcome is really in doubt."

But after his shopping day was over, Scully noticed something was wrong:

His World Series ring was missing.

And so, Scully did what any of us would do if we had misplaced something so valuable -- he took to Twitter:

In the past, Scully hasn't been the most adept with Twitter -- once asking his viewers, "What in the world is a hashtag?" -- but sending out an APB over the medium seemed to be the best move given the circumstance. 

For 10 tense minutes, the Twitter universe scoured Southern California for the rare piece of memorabilia.

But just when all seemed lost ...

Where did the prized possesion turn up? Well, Sandy found it in the car ... in the bottom of a bag of ribs.

"I feel like such a dummy," Scully said. "Only Scully could lose a ring while putting meat in a bag."
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