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Let Vin Scully teach you everything there is to know about the American flag

Let Vin Scully teach you about the American flag

There are many wonderful ways to learn about US history, but only two can be called "the best." They are, in no particular order, "Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock" and the wisdom of Vin Scully.

Because it's America's birthday weekend, at the top of each inning of Friday's Mets-Dodgers game, Scully shared a fact about Old Glory. Did you know we've gone through 27 versions of our nation's flag? Or that the current version (that presumably you're waving or wearing in some way right now) was partially designed by a 17-year-old student?

Watch the video above to learn everything you could possibly want to know about the flag, and then wish Vin Scully had been your high school history teacher, instead of that guy who just made you watch "West Wing" episodes and tried to pass them off as educational. 

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