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Wally the Green Monster made a bet with Blue the Colt to decide who is the world's greatest mascot

Who's the world's greatest mascot? Wally bets he is

There isn't a lot for MLB mascots to do in the middle of January. It's mostly a lot of reminiscing on the season that was and getting in dancing and racing shape for the next. But if you're a mascot who happens to share a home city with an NFL team in the playoffs, there are friendly Twitter wages to be made.

That's exactly how the Red Sox's Wally is keeping busy this week. With David Ortiz stepping up for the Patriots this past weekend, Wally the literal green monster got his number called by Blue, the Indianapolis Colts' mascot, for Sunday's upcoming Patriots-Colts matchup:

Wally, a Massachusetts monster through and through, didn't back down. It's a good ol' fashioned cross-sports league Twitter bet:

While perhaps not the highest stakes, it's a matter of pride. And dignity. And being the greatest mascot in the world.

I know it, you know it, Wally knows it. And he's not going to back down:

Even in the face of fervent trash talking: 

May the best mascot (and football team too, I guess) win. 

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