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Watch a Triple-A team turn a thrilling pickle-fueled triple play

Watch Triple-A team turn a pickle-fueled triple play

Triple plays don't occur nearly as often as they should. A triple play is like the older brother of double play, who only comes home from college to hang out during Thanksgiving and Winter break. So when a triple play does happen, it's best to cancel your plans and take the time necessary to appreciate it:

That's Marlins Triple-A affiliate New Orleans Zephyrs turning a triple play in the bottom of the first inning Friday. But this wasn't any ordinary triple play. This was a third-to-first-to-PICKLE! triple play:


Not only did we get to enjoy two finely executed turns at third and first, but it all ended with the HBO Sunday Night Programming-level drama of a rundown.

That's like your older brother coming home and letting you borrow his car. More triple plays, please. 

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