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Alcides Escobar made sure the first inning was very memorable with a leadoff inside-the-park HR

Alcides Escobar hit a first-pitch inside-the-park hom

In case you were wondering if this World Series would be your typical World Series, Alcides Escobar went ahead and hit an inside-the-park home run -- and it happened to be the first pitch he (or any Royals player) saw.


Nothing like a little chaos to get things started.

Escobar -- who is quite fond of first pitches -- launched Matt Harvey's fastball deep to center field, where Yoenis Cespedes couldn't quite get a read on it …


… and then flew around the bases in 15 seconds to give the Royals an extremely early 1-0 lead.

It was the first World Series inside-the-parker since 1929 and just the second one to leadoff a first inning ever. So yeah, not exactly something you see every year. In a 5-4 Royals win that went 14 innings, Escobar made sure nobody would forget what happened in the first.

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