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Watch Alex Cobb try (and fail) to teach Gumby the finer points of pitching

Alex Cobb tries and fails to teach Gumby how to pitch

Rays starter Alex Cobb got the opportunity of every '90s kid's dreams during some downtime at the Trop: He got to meet Gumby, everybody's favorite The day began full of excitement, with Cobb taking the time to teach his "childhood hero" how to pitch like a big leaguer. 

...that is, until it all went horribly wrong:

Gumby pitching

In Gumby's defense, he has mittens for hands and the feet of a Clydesdale, so this was always going to be an uphill battle. That was cold comfort to Cobb, though, whose youthful innocence was shattered in an instant. He could only drop his glove in disgust. 

At time of publication, Pokey could not be reached for comment. 

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