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Chris Archer interviewed David Price about facing Chris Archer

When you want to know what your opponent on the mound is thinking before a matchup, sometimes it's easiest to just ask. And that's exactly what Chris Archer did before taking on David Price.

See, Archer and Price have quite a bit in common: They overlapped for a few seasons in Tampa Bay and, perhaps more importantly, both are really good pitchers -- like, ranked-second-and-fourth-in-the-American-League-for-strikeouts good. As such, they have a close friendship and something of a mentor (Price)-mentee (Archer) relationship.

On Friday, as Price spoke to reporters ahead of Saturday's matchup against Archer, the Rays pitcher sneaked over to slip in his own Q:

"Excuse me, David -- how does it feel knowing you're going to face your protégé, Chris Archer, tomorrow?"


David's answer: "I'm terrified, man."

But for Saturday's game, at least, the mentor remained the mentor. In what turned out to be a slugfest, Price's 5 IP, 4 ER and 6 Ks edged Archer's 3.2 IP, 9 ER and 3 Ks as the Blue Jays beat the Rays, 10-8. Not exactly the results you expect with two aces starting the game, but maybe Archer's question had gotten in both their heads.