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Josh Donaldson flipped his bat on a walk because there was no way he wasn't going to

Josh Donaldson flips his bat after drawing a walk

Sunday's Royals-Blue Jays matchup had all the ingredients for an emphatic Josh Donaldson bat flip. You could practically sense one coming from the first pitch. And when it eventually came, it was of the special off-menu variety: A bat flip on a walk. 

We found the secret recipe:

(2) K.C. batters hit during the Royals' 7-6 victory over the Blue Jays Saturday.

(1) Hit by pitch during his first at-bat of Sunday.

(1) Warning issued by home plate umpire Jim Wolf.

(3/4) HBP during Donaldson's second at-bat of Sunday, when he was almost hit again after Edison Volquez's pitch flew very up and in.

(4) Balls issued to Donaldson during the at-bat.

Yes, Josh Donaldson will take his base on balls, thank you very much.


Amid a game of tensions, there was simply no way he wasn't going to flip his bat after this at-bat, either in frustration or triumph. Fortunately for him, it worked out -- he must've gotten tips from his teammate on how to BFB (bat flip on balls). 

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