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Watch Justin Masterson throw a 9-pitch, 3-K immaculate inning

Justin Masterson struck out three batters on nine strikes

The immaculate inning (nine pitches, nine strikes, three strikeouts) is a rare feat. Before Monday, it had only been accomplished 69 times in MLB history. But now, thanks to Justin Masterson, that number has reached 70. Here he is against Johnny Gomes, the first victim of his pitcher-perfect fourth inning.


Filthy. Grady Sizemore and Stephen Drew would also be set down in order. Amazingly, this was in the midst of 25 consecutive strikes Masterson threw from the third inning into the sixth. He finished with 10 total strikeouts over seven innings to get the victory.

"I've felt like I've thrown 25 balls in a row in one game," Masterson said with a laugh. "So, it's nice to throw 25 strikes."

Oddly enough, this season has already seen two other immaculate performances. Cole Hamels did it against the Reds and Brad Boxberger hit the mark against the Orioles (with the bases loaded).


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