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Trey Griffey celebrated his dad's birthday with a 95-yard TD catch

Trey Griffey celebrated dad's b-day with 95-yard TD

With his father's 46th birthday on Saturday, Trey Griffey had to decide what kind of present to get him. He could've gone with a nice tie, possibly baseball-themed, like most sons would. Or, if he was feeling creative, he could've made him something -- a diorama of that time his dad homered off a warehouse, maybe?

Instead, Trey celebrated with this:

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" quite like a 95-yard touchdown catch. Watching that cut and reversal, it's almost as if Trey has athletic genes or something. We'll admit, that's a much better present than a tie.

And not that we'd want Ken working on his birthday, but we hope he was able to snap a good photo of the moment Trey dove into the end zone. Because birthday or not, dads gotta dad. 

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