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Watch Mookie Betts lay down some strikes at the World Series of Bowling

Watch Mookie Betts lay down strikes at WSOB

Ever since we found out Mookie Betts had entered the World Series of Bowling this offseason, we've been waiting to see him in action. It's not every day that you get to see a professional baseball player compete in a different kind of World Series, after all.

We watched him do some pre-WSOB amateur bowling, and that only amplified our anticipation. And then we found out he's been training with Jeffrey Lebowski, and we really began counting down the days.


Well, the wait has finally ended. The WSOB opened on Tuesday, and Betts has bowled in two qualifying rounds so far.

So, without further ado -- Ladies and gentlemen, Mookie Betts' professional bowling debut: 


Betts averaged 196.3 across nine games in his first qualifying round and a 193 in his second, with high scores of 249 and 237. Which is about 150 more than when I go bowling. He also threw six straight strikes in one of his Tuesday games: 

Alas, only the top 24 players in each round move on to the championship and Betts didn't make the cut -- but there are still two more qualifiers for the Red Sox outfielder to move on. And I wouldn't count him out. After his round on Wednesday, Betts told the PBA's Bill Vint:

"I got lost for two or three games but it was a good learning experience. I kind of have an idea of what to do moving forward. ... Those spares, man - you really underestimate them and that's the important thing. You have to learn to go hard and straight -- but that's something I'll have to work on."

Something he and Walter will have to work on. Practice, as they say, makes perfect games. 

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