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Noah Syndergaard hit a home run because there's nothing he can't do

Watch Noah Syndergaard hit his first MLB home run

If you heard that Noah Syndergaard somehow launched a baseball into the stratosphere, you'd assume he threw it, right? After all, he could probably reach exit velocity. But here's the twist -- during Wednesday's game against the Phillies, Thor tried to send a souvenir baseball all the way to Asgard … via home run:


We know what you're thinking: A dude nicknamed "Thor" hit a home run and I'm supposed to be surprised? Isn't Thor's whole thing swinging hitting implements with incredible power? Don't worry, you're not alone. Matt Harvey's pretty blasé about it too:


He'll be impressed when Syndergaard starts batting with lightning. And it's not like home runs were terribly uncommon that afternoon: 

But that didn't matter to Steven Kelly, the lucky fan who caught Syndergaard's home run ball: 

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