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Watch out, A.J. Burnett: Corey Hart may be a bigger Batman fan than you

Corey Hart may be biggest Batman fan in Majors

A.J. Burnett has long been known to be the premier Batman fan in the Major Leagues. He has a Batman tattoo on his forearm and has been known to dress as the caped crusader: 

He may even fight crime himself

But, he has some competition in the clubhouse this season. When the Pirates signed Corey Hart to a one-year deal this offseason, they brought in a man who not only has his own Batman tattoo on his forearm, but also has a "Why So Serious?" one on his back. (This, presumably, is a reference to The Dark Knight, though it's possible that Hart simply wishes people would chill out.)


Dressed in a pair of Batman socks while in the clubhouse, Hart told that he has "every Batman movie poster signed by the cast, original Bob Kane art, multiple paintings that are signed by either Christian [Bale] or [Michael] Keaton or whoever. I've got tons of comic books, tons of action figures -- I've got probably 100 action figures still in boxes." 

But, that doesn't tell us who is the bigger fan of the dark knight. Hart says that Burnett is "underestimating me. He doesn't understand the level of what I have at the house." 

As for whether Hart will sit atop some Pittsburgh skyscrapers this season, looking to exact justice on the street, he answered, "On occasion. If the family's gone, I might put my costume on and hang out, see what happens."

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