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Watch in awe and remember that Randy Johnson once hit a Major League home run

Watch in awe of Randy Johnson's lone Major League HR

Sports movies have told us that in moments of magic and wonder, miracles can happen to human beings. Randy Johnson hitting a Major League home run is one of them. 

On Sept. 19, 2003, Johnson, then with the D-backs, stepped to the plate in the top of the third inning to face the Brewers' Doug Davis. At that point, the tall left-hander had come to the plate 480 times, with nary a ball going over the fence. This time, on Davis' 2-0 offering, Johnson uncoiled like a snake, his massive Slenderman-like arms pulling the pitch over the left-center fence for a home run. 


And while Johnson only hit this one home run, he can still hold his head high -- literally. After all, he's roughly 80 feet tall, or, more realistically, 6-foot, 10-inches. Johnson is tied for second with the pitcher Chris Young for tallest player to ever homer, with only the 6-foot, 11-inch Jon Rauch having the height advantage. 


And while Johnson may not be Madison Bumgarner at the plate, he's still come out ahead of 71 non-pitcher Major Leaguers since 1901 who have had over 600 plate appearances and have hit zero home runs. Jack McCarthy's 2,470 PA from 1901 to 1907 hold the record for most playing time without a single dinger.  

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