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Watch rare footage of a Washington team taking on the Giants in the 1924 World Series

Can't wait for the World Series? Need more baseball coverage than a few Division Series games a day can provide? Then hop in our time machine and let's join the 1924 World Series between the Washington Senators and New York Giants already in progress. (Though it's not the World Series, we do have a Washington vs. Giants series in progress. Spooooky.) 


This rare footage comes from the 1920s, including some from the 1924 World Series -- one of the greatest Fall Classics ever. The series would go a full seven games before the Senators won it in the bottom of the 12th. So sit back and enjoy Walter Johnson side-arming some fastballs during his four innings of relief, Muddy Ruel coming around to score the World Series-winning run and the fans going absolutely crazy. 


The footage also features some truly amazing socks: 


Here is the beautiful full color version courtesy of the Baseball Hall of Fame's Dressed to the Nine's uniform database:


Sadly, StatCast didn't yet exist, so we're just going to have to guess that this player was running roughly 1,000 mph: