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Watch French sensation Melissa Mayeux's swing in slow-mo at European Elite Camp

Even with Barry Larkin and Steve Finley heading up the MLB European Elite Camp, there was one name that overshadowed both former MLB stars: Melissa Mayeux. The 16-year-old French baseball player is the first female athlete at the Major League development camp, and she's already setting her sights on playing for France in the 2017 World Baseball Classic -- if not higher. 

"One of my goals is to make the French squad for the 2017 World Baseball Classic," Mayeux said. "And of course, to play in America."

Most importantly, she can rake. Just watch this slow-motion footage as she lines a ball back up the middle during batting practice. Doesn't look all that different from 2015's first overall Draft pick Dansby Swanson, now does it? 

The 2017 Classic can't come soon enough.