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Watch this college baseball player vault over a catcher to score a game-tying run


It's likely that no college play this year will be quite as bonkers as the zany play from an Arkansas-Vanderbilt matchup over the weekend; however, Tulane's Jake Willsey may have come close during a game against Xavier on Friday.

Tulane was trailing the Musketeers by two runs heading into the seventh inning, when they began to mount a comeback. Here's CBS Detroit's Mike Sullivan setting the scene:

"With runners on the corners, senior John Gandolfo hit a shot into center field. Sophomore Jake Willsey, who was on first, was waved home and the throw from the outfielder beat him to the plate."

Now, here's the thing about this situation: most baserunners, when they find themselves in this predicament, seek to solve the crisis by either juking the catcher out or by driving straight through him. Willsey, instead, chose to explore a different option -- using the Z-axis:

Willsey opted to vault over 5-foot-10 catcher Nate Soria, pulling off something that his teammate, Tim Yandel, said, "you really only see in movies." It wound up being a pretty important run, too -- Tulane capped off the comeback with a walk-off win in the 10th.

For good measure, let's watch that run one more time:

Make sure you watch that video with the sound on, because honestly, the only thing better than Willsey's hurdle is the play-by-play:

"One run is in! They're gonna wave Willsey around third! Here's the throw to the plate, he's gonna be out by ten feet- but he jumped over the catcher! HE JUMPED OVER THE CATCHER! And he's safe! He's safe! Unbelievable play! Unbelievable play!"