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Mike Trout teaches expert lesson in the art of sliding

Watch Trout pull off one of the best slides this year

Mike Trout has a lot of tools. He hits home runs, he makes unbelievable catches, he gives really nice Mother's Day presents ...

And during Friday's Angels-Red Sox game, he showed off another outstanding skillset: Sliding:

Trout was originally called out (because most humans born unto this Earth would be out in this situation), but the call was overturned upon further review. I mean, switching hands at the last minute and keeping the hand on until the leg gets on?'s Alden Gonzalez caught up with the Angels outfielder after the game:

"I've done it before in the Minors. Usually it doesn't work. I got a bad jump. I saw the throw beat me and I knew he was going to tag me so I pulled my hand. I was surprised I kept my foot on the bag. It was kind of an awkward position for me."

Manager Mike Scioscia also weighed in on the moment:

"I'm happy to have replay, because it was almost like The Matrix the way he got around that tag. It was obviously a big slide and a big break."

That Trout, man -- that is one slippery fish (sorry).

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