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Five ways the Miss Universe Awards would have been different if Matt Harvey was hosting

What if Matt Harvey hosted the Miss Universe awards

While we can quibble over an award show with the title of "Miss Universe" that doesn't include the six-armed creatures from Glarxon-5, there's no doubt the intergalactic title is still highly sought after by beauty pageant contestants. Unfortunately, host Steve Harvey made an awards show faux pas for the ages on Sunday night when he accidentally announced Miss Colombia as the pageant's winner. It turns out that she was actually the first runner-up and Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Philippines, had won.

Clearly, the issue was that the organizers of the pageant brought in the wrong Harvey to host the thing. How would the show have been different with Mets ace Matt Harvey at the helm? 

If Harvey made a mistake, he'd just shake it off

Not sure of the result? Harvey has plenty of history just staring in and shaking off the call until he's sure he's made the right decision. 


We can only imagine this being the conversation going on in his earpiece:

Director: Whose name is in the envelope? Is it Miss Australia? 

Harvey: /shakes off

Director: Miss China?

Harvey: /shakes off

Director: C'mon, Matt. This is dead air. Just award the title.

Harvey: /shakes off

Director: Matt, say something. Anything. 

Harvey: /shakes off

Perhaps Harvey would give himself the award

After all, he was in the ESPN Body issue

He would just throw fastballs until people stopped booing

Let's say that Harvey did give the wrong award away. All he'd have to do is start shouting, "Hey! Forget about that! Look at these fastballs!" And then he'd hurl upper-90s heat all over the building until people forgot why they were upset and they began chanting HEAT HEAT HEAT HEAT HEAT HEAT. 


John Buck would be there for support


Sure, Miss Colombia would be sad. But John Buck would also be on hand with a shoulder to cry on. 

He'd probably just read the names right

I mean, that's not nearly as much fun. But he has to read a lot in his day job as New York City Bureau Chief for The Players Tribune. And he's got this hosting thing down, too. 

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