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While in Yankee Stadium, Sporting Kansas City re-enacts George Brett's famous pine tar incident

With Sporting Kansas City in Yankee Stadium to face off against the also Yankees co-owned NYCFC on Saturday afternoon, the players knew there were only three things they had to do: 

1. Score goals.

2. Head to Midtown and get frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. Like in the movie "Serendipity."

3. Re-enact George Brett's pine tar incident. 

After defeating NYCFC, 1-0, on a 12th-minute Ike Opara goal, the team studied its source material and then trotted out to home plate. Seriously, compare this:

To this: 

Not a bad interpretation, I'd say. 

The move is really going to raise the stakes for when visiting teams travel to New York. Will DC United's Perry Kitchen recite Lou Gehrig's farewell speech? Will the New England Revolution's Jermaine Jones curve a ball into the right field corner a la Roger Maris? And will the Los Angeles Galaxy's Robbie Keane do his impression of Larry David impersonating George Steinbrenner

Far beyond tactics and designated players, these are the real pressing questions facing the MLS.