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While the rest of us hit the gym, Giancarlo Stanton is working out on a sand dune

While we hit the gym, Stanton hits the sand dunes

Giancarlo Stanton has the best solution for dealing with crowded gyms filled with people walking on treadmills as a part of their New Year's resolutions ... skip the gym altogether.

The Marlins' slugger took to a sand dune to get a cardio workout, much to the delight of Peter Gammons.

The dune was 200 meters long with a 60-degree incline. At the end of the workout, Stanton dragged MLBP producer Jason Katz up the dune, because sure, why not?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go cancel my CrossFit membership and find a sand dune in the northeast that isn't covered in ice and snow.


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