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The White Sox gave away pre-bitten Shark Cage caps at Jeff Samardzija's last start

White Sox had 'shark cage' section for Shark's start

Bonjour! I am zee world famous Jacques Cousteau, seafaring explorer extraordinaire.

Today, we are going to see zee greatest danger I have encountered on my sea explorations. More frightening zan zee giant squeed and more dangerous zan zee 'ammerhead is the White Sox's Jeff Samardzija. Otherwise nicknamed zee Shark. 

Which is why, at his start against zee Mariners (a perfectly fitting team for such a day) on Sunday, fans in sections 154 and 155 at US Cellular Field in Cheecago were gifted Shark Cage caps. Of course, given zee great danger that Samardzija represents on zee mound, a piece of each cap was already bitten off -- giant teeth marks, as large as that of zee Great White -- already taken out. 

'ere is 'ow they look out in zee wild: 



Though zee Shark lost zat day, giving up five runs in 5 2/3 innings, that ees simply what 'appens in zee animal kingdom. Sometimes you eat and sometimes you are eaten, n'est pas?

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