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Will Ferrell talks Spring Training and trying to hit a fastball with David Letterman

Screenshot via The Late Show on YouTube.

Less than one week after Will Ferrell toured the Cactus League, playing 10 positions for 10 different teams, the comedian-turned-movie-star-turned-Major-Leaguer went on The Late Show with David Letterman to break it all down.

"There were moments that were terrifying, I'm not going to lie to you," Ferrell told Letterman. "Trying to hit a 90 mph fastball -- it's next to impossible."

Letterman sympathized: "And they don't ease up because the last thing they want to do … is give up a hit to movie boy."

Ferrell broke down the highs of his experience, such as, "getting a foul tip."

And the lows, including letting down one particular team: "Playing left field for the Diamondbacks: I entered the game, they were down 9-1. When I left, we were losing 12-1, after four consecutive balls were hit to me out in the outfield."

"But they can't blame you for that," Letterman said.

"They can't, but the manager did … They were balls a Major Leaguer would've gotten to, but I'm just too damn slow," Ferrell explained.

Still, there is one thing Ferrell pulled off, according to Letterman: "You look great in those uniforms … you really look like a big leaguer."

"Well, I'm still hoping for a call, Dave," Ferrell said. "I feel like I turned some heads."

And, to conclude -- what Ferrell appearance would be complete without a Harry Caray impression?