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With Pablo Sandoval in Boston, where will the Panda faithful sit?

Where will Sandoval's Pandas sit in Fenway Park?

Pablo Sandoval's time in San Francisco featured a contingent of superfans that either wore Panda masks or had their genes spliced with an actual panda bear's. It was all done in the name of rooting their third baseman on:

But with Sandoval heading to Boston, some are worried about what will happen to these panda bear reverse-centaurs. While the Pandas were able to comfortably sit at AT&T Park, will they be able to fit in at Fenway Park's more cramped accommodations? 

Today, we answer that question. After all, they look great in the Monster seats:


And should have no problem blending in with the other fans:

Beard Panda

Though they will have to get used to some different celebrities. No Steve Perry here:


And if all else fails, there should be room for them over at the hot corner: 


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