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Watch this failed Minor League proposal and prepare to cringe [UPDATE: Faaaaake]

Last week, the man you see above popped the question to his girlfriend at a New Britain Rock Cats game. It did not go well. Her "no" is especially surprising considering that every little girl's dream proposal features Rocky, the Rock Cats mascot:

If your bullpoop meter is pinging, you're not alone (not that a Minor League team would ever stage this kind of publicity stunt, nope, no way). For one thing, the would-be fiance doesn't seem particularly upset -- he's about as bummed as he'd be if she rejected his proposal that they get cheeseburgers for dinner. His ladyfriend's performance isn't exactly Oscar-worthy, either.

Discussion Questions: When someone unexpectedly proposes in public, is the propose-ee obligated to say yes (even if it's really a no) to save face? Or do people who unexpectedly propose in public deserve what they get for putting their partners in an awkward position? Also, is Rocky seeing anyone?


No need to recalibrate those bullpoop meters -- we have confirmation that the proposal was fake. The New Britain Rock Cats admitted the scene was staged in a press release filed Wednesday.

Mike Abramson, the Rock Cats' Vice President of Marketing, apologized to anyone who was "offended" by the promotion. Offended? Please. The only way I would've enjoyed this more is if the bride had jilted her groom in an on-field wedding ceremony (that one's for free, Abramson).

h/t The Big Lead