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Wrigley Field officially has a brand-new video board and here it is in all its beauty

Here's the Wrigley Field scoreboard in all its glory


"Put it on the board" may be a phrase more familiar to fans on Chicago's South Side, but Cubs fans can start repurposing that tagline now that there's a fancy new video board out in left field at the Friendly Confines.


Ahead of MLB's Opening Night, the Cubs unveiled a giant video board that sits above the iconic ivy out in left.

"It's a video board," said Cubs senior director of marketing Alison Miller. "We still have a scoreboard. Wrigley has had a scoreboard for over 75 years, hand-operated. That's not going anywhere. That's still where fans will go to see the score and see balls and strikes. We're not planning on replicating that content on the board.


"The board will be where you go to see replays and where you go to see stats. … We asked [fans], 'What do you want to see?' And they said replays, they want to see stats, they want history. We're fortunate that we're a team of 137 years of history. We'll show a lot of history both of the ballpark and just Cubs history."


Fans already seem to be enjoying the modern ammenities. Check out their reactions in the above video and tweets below:

We're sure they'll be even that much more elated if six months from now they're watching the team celebrate a postseason berth up on that new screen.

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