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Xander Bogaerts and Dustin Pedroia know that a team that slides together, scores together

Bogaerts, Pedroia slide into home at same time

As Boston's double-play combination, Xander Bogaerts and Dustin Pedroia are used to doing things as a pair. And, really, baserunning can be a pretty lonely endeavor sometimes -- you're out there all by yourself, with no one to really chat with (unless a friendly fielder is kind enough to go along for the ride with you).

So when Bogaerts found himself running right behind his second baseman after a David Ortiz double on Friday, he took the opportunity to go say hi. Pedroia, however, did not seem to appreciate the advances:

Red Sox slide

Either that, or Bogaerts and Pedroia were living out those frantic final seconds of a Mario Kart race, in which you're right behind Yoshi but the finish line's right there and you only have green shells and OH COME ON. You know, one of those.

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