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Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay knows about 'on fleek,' applied it to Michael Pineda's 16 strikeouts

"On fleek" is having a moment and so is Michael Pineda.

The former is a term meaning "on point" or "flawless" that was originally reserved to describe eyebrows. The latter is a starting pitcher for the Yankees who fanned 16 batters over seven innings on Sunday.

Pineda and "on fleek" briefly shared a single moment thanks to Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay being hip to what the kids are saying.

"Well, as the kids would say, 'Michael Pineda is on fleek right now.' Call your daughter and ask what 'on fleek' means."

At first, we weren't sure which was more impressive: the fact that Pineda struck out every Oriole but J.J. Hardy at least once and notched multiple Ks against six starters, or that Kay knew about "on fleek." Then we went to the GIFs:


+1 to Kay for proper use of "on fleek," but +16 to Pineda for looking like he was playing on another planet on Sunday.