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Fan perseveres while missing three foul balls at Yankee Stadium

When was the last time you had the opportunity to snag a real foul ball from a real MLB game? Never mind doing so under the lights in the front row at Yankee Stadium, in the heat of a Wild Card race, with the Red Sox in town and Deven Marrero bearing down on you.

It isn't easy, and one fan at Yankee Stadium displayed an indomitable spirit in trying unsuccessfully to haul in a foul ball (three separate times) on Tuesday.

After dropping a pop up and getting played by a tough hop on a ground ball, our hero might have developed a case of the yips: He then dropped an offering from the ballboy to round out his evening. It happens to the best of us, but only a select few can take the scrutiny and judgement of thousands of fans and be as a good sport about it as this guy.

Thank you, "Yankees fan who dropped three foul balls," for giving a voice to the silent majority of us who were just having an off day.