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Yasiel Puig goes full Bo Jackson, breaks bat after strikeout

Yasiel Puig goes full Bo Jackson, breaks bat after K

With all of the attention commanded by his bat flips, it's safe to say that there's more focus on what Yasiel Puig does with his bats after his plate appearances than there is on what happens to them during. Though it wasn't as productive as he would have liked, Puig's eighth-inning AB on Monday was the rule, not the exception.

When Rangers pitcher Tanner Scheppers sat Puig down on strikes in the late goings, Puig channeled his inner Bo Jackson, snapping the instrument of his trade over his knee in frustration:


That's a great Bo Jackson impression. Now all Puig's got to do to be Bo Jackson is hit a leadoff home run in an All-Star Game, run The Boz over on Monday Night Football and star in a commercial in so popular that it adds a coloquial phrase to the American lexicon.

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